Go for the Silver with eOption's Referral Program

Earn a Genuine Silver Coin for each Referral you Make

Thank you for Exercising Your Option to Save with eOption! In honor of the Olympics, we're bringing back this special silver prize, for a limited time only- through August 8! 

It's Time to Earn the Silver! Refer your friends and family to eOption to receive a genuine pure silver coin. Not only will you receive this gift for making the referral, we’ll also give an additional silver coin to your friend or family member who opens an eOption account!

What Will You Receive for an Eligible Referral? We are pleased to offer both you and the person you refer each an American Silver Eagle coin. Each coin contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. The American Silver Eagle coin is one of the best-selling coins in the world today.

How Do You Refer People? After you log into your trading account at eOption, select “Additional Services” from the menu, and click on “Make a Referral.” You will receive a unique link which you can provide to the person you’d like to refer.

Who Can You Invite to Participate in the Referral Program? You an invite your friends, family members*, coworkers and neighbors…anyone!

What Accounts are Eligible? Your referral must be a new eOption customer who opens an approved account using your Referral Link. An eligible account includes: Individual, Joint, or Individual Retirement Account (Rollover IRA, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA or SEP IRA). Each account must have a minimum deposit of $2,000, made within 15 calendar days of opening the account. An accountholder must be at least 21 years old to open a new account.

How Do I Receive My Silver Coin? It’s Easy! Once your friend or family member* opens an approved account using your Referral Link, and deposits $2,000 within 15 days of account opening – that’s it! A silver coin will be mailed directly to you as our thank you.  As a special bonus, your friend or family member will also receive a silver coin!

Promotional Terms:

  • Referrals must be new eOption customers and each must use the unique referral link to open an account.
  • New Accounts must deposit $2,000 within 15 calendar days of account opening in order to be eligible for this promotion.
  • The eOption accountholder making the referral must also have at least $2,000 in their account to be eligible for this promotion. 
  • Promotion lasts until 8/8/2021, or while supplies last. For U.S residents only.
  • This is a limited time offer, and may be altered or capped at any time without notice. For U.S. residents only.
  • New Accounts must be individual, joint or IRA. Must be at least 21 years old to open an account and receive a gift.
  • Please allow up to 30 days to receive a silver coin after the requirements are met. Your coin will be mailed directly to your address on your account application on file.
  • If a new referral opens more than one account, it will be capped as one referral and one new account.
  • *Limit of 3 coins per household.
  • Any taxes related to this promotion are the recipient's responsibility.
  • Employees and independent contractors of Regal Securities are not eligible for this promotion.